quinta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2011

Name In Spotlight: Flynn

If there was ever a name that had an opportunity to make a big splash in the popularity charts, this would be in. The name has yet to crack the boys top1000, but after Disney using this name in their next movie, and celebrity superstars Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr naming their boy Flynn, I can see this name becoming the next big thing. Plus, it's always nice to have an alternative to the currently everywhere Finn.

Flynn is of Gaelic and Irish origin and means "ruddy or son of a red-headed". Don't let the meaning put you off if you're a blonde or brunette mother. Think of it as red = powerful and prone to leadership, something that you'd want your kid to be.

There are not many ways you can spell Flynn, but here are a few alternatives: Flyn, Flinn, Flin.
Similar sounding names you may like: Glynn, Glenn, Lynn, Finn, Quinn, Hlynn, Flann, Bryn.

Do you think 2011 will see this spunky name enter the chart? Or will it pass by most parents and remain relatively unknown?

2 comentários:

  1. You know Flynn Rider is really Eugene in the flick? Flynn Rider is his "bad guy" name. and Rapunzel refers to him as Eugene from the moment she finds out. Made my heart proud, I love Eugene and think Gene is wicked cool.

    Flynn? Blech. hate it, hope it dies quickly.

  2. Yes I know. I think Flynn is way cooler than Eugene, in every way possible. Eugene is such an old man's name, dated, and not usable on a kid imo.