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Celebrity Baby Names of 2010 - Review

2010 was a great year for celebrity names, with a good balance of old fashioned and trendy modern names. Let's hope 2011 keeps us interested for another year of gossiping.

I'll post my opinion on several boy and girl names, and then give you my opinion on the best and worst of the year.


Theodore Hayes - I think Theodore is one old fashioned name that actually retains a natural spunk in it. It also helps that the nickname Theo is really adorable and fits right in with the -o ending names trend.

Crawford Marion - I have mixed feelings on this. Crawford I think sounds especially harsh, even on a boy, reminds me of crawling too. Marion is a name most people associate with old ladies, but it actually originated as a boys name first (quelle surprise!), and is one I can easily picture on a boy. Overall, decent choices.

Buddy Bear Maurice - Nah! Let's be serious, there are plenty of cute and soft boy names around, but Buddy is something I'd call a friend of mine, not my son. Bear, again, is an animal, not a name. Disappointed in the choices, but it could be a lot worse had they gone the "butch" way and tried to make it too masculine.

Louis Bardo - Louis is a pretty normal name, either spelt this way or Lewis, but Bardo actually stood out for me from the crowd. It's oddly appealing.

Draco - Really dislike this one. I usually love -o ending names, but this one just reminds me of Dracula, and that isn't a good thing since I'm not into blood...

Ever Imre - Interesting choices, with Ever having been used before on girls, but I actually prefer it on boys. Sounds like a stylish name. Imre is another odd choice, and can cause some pronounciation problems, but thumbs up for Alanis Morissette!

Cash Rich - I'm sorry, but this is absolutely terrible. I really dislike cash, which for me is just a slang word for money. That paired with the name Rich, also associated with money, well either he's gonna be filthy rich or he's gonna be mocked for having a "rich" name and being poor. Not good.

Andrea Nicolas - Andrea is the italian name for Andrew, and I'm glad to see people embracing other cultures. Paulina herself is Mexican and she chose these italian spellings for her boy. Great choices!

Sundance Thomas - Another big no no from me. Sundance can actually sound cute, but does anyone even think of it as a real name? It even disappointed me further to know he was gonna be named Kelly, a name I've loved for boys since I remember and that desperately needs to be given back to the blue team. To choose Sundance over Kelly is just ridiculous. And then the combination with Thomas, a boring old name, no thank you. Very unusual combination, and not in a good way.

Rocco Rio - I like it, sounds spunky and optimistic. The similar ending of both names put me off for a while, but that's just a minor thing. It's a very vivacious name.

Reese Cader - Fantastic to see Reese, however you spell it, on a boy. Congrats to the parents for sticking to the right gender. Cader seems trendy, which I'm a fan, but C names aren't usually my thing. But based on Reese alone, a big plus sign on the choices.

Alexander David - Zzzzzzz indeed. Two very overused names that bring nothing new to the table. The fact she used Alexander for her other kid shows how little thought she brought into it. Next!

Izaiah Torpey - Biblical names are all the rage these days, but I kinda dig Izaiah. Nickname Izzie or Izay can be kinda cute. Torpey is definitely a new one to me, never heard of it before, and to be honest I'd rather they named him Torey.

Egypt Daoud - Really enjoyed this choice, not so much because of Daoud, but because of Egypt. I do enjoy place names, and I think Egypt will fit right in with the Israel's and Milan's. Maybe even spark a new wave of little Egypt's across the country? Let's see if Alicia Keys' choice makes a splash in the top1000...

Tatum Christopher - Christopher has been around for a very long choice, and it seems parents are still refusing to let this one go. However it seems the normal old fashioned names are increasingly being relegated for the middle name choices rather than the first. I think that is actually a good thing since boy names need an influx of new activity near the top. Tatum is a fabulous choices, and suits a boy really well.

Dakota Jefferson Holiday - Double middle names are increasing in popularity these days, wonder if we'll see more celebrities adopting this trend? Not a fan of Jefferson, but then I'm not keen on most -son ending names. Dakota is one of my favourite names, and again I'm glad to see it used on the right gender. Holiday seems a bit wacky, but again, celebrities can get away with odd choices.

Easton Quinn Monroe - And another proof of double middle names picking up steam. This combo is absolutely stunning, all 3 names are really great. I just wish they kept Quinn as the first name choice since I desperately want that name to stay on the blue team (blame Glee if it doesn't!). Easton is trendy but sounds very spunky, and Monrose is classy and elegant sounding.

Axel Lee - Lee is male version of Rose or Grace, and is probably the most popular middle name for boys these days. I think it still sounds good, but maybe parents should adopt Dee if they want something similar but less overused. Axel seems to be another trendy choice, with the ever-so-popular letter "x", and I think it sounds pretty great.

Bodhi Hawn - Several celebrities have picked up the name Bodhi as their choice, I wonder if it'll finally start climbing the charts? I definitely approve! Hawn is another interesting choice, nothing to say there.

Jackson Riley - Could've been perfect if they switched the names around, or spelt it Jaxon which looks a lot better than the overused Jackson. Riley is definitely a great choice, and a name that has been around for so long should definitely stick to the blue team.


Violet Madison - Violet is a great choice for a girl, but seeing Madison there just takes out all of the grace Violet could provide.

Kloey Alexandra - I know a lot of people hate alternative spellings but I do dig them, especially for boys. K names for girls are starting to get oversaturated, but since this spelling actually had some thought to it, I don't see the big harm in it.

Lexington Grace - Another weird combination, with the overly masculine Lexington used along with the ever-so-feminine Grace. Grace is starting to overstay it's time, and the first name choice is just hideous.

London Jane - So plain Jane is given some spunk by having the uber trendy place name London before it. Could've been worse I guess.

India Pearl - Very similar in style to London Jane, with the modern and old combined. India however does sound less trendy if you're not into those kinda names.

Gia Francesca - Fabulous combination of italian names hear, both very feminine and classy, which is how I like girl names.

Genevieve Marie - French? Who cares. It sounds great, and I hope it's pronounced the french way, rather than the english "jenna-veev". Classy choices.

Billie Beatrice - Not a fan of Billie on a girl, "ie" is not a feminine alternative to Billy since there are boys named Billie. Beatrice however is a good choice, so overall not too bad.

Junia Rosa Ruth - Yes, double middle names are also in for girls. In this case, all 3 names were great choices, Junia standing out from the rest as it brings a breath of fresh air to the other names. Ruth comes out of retirement and Rosa is definitely a good alternative to the overused Rose.

Cosima - The new "it" baby girl name for celebs? Probably. And a good one at that! Classy, elegant, feminine.

Jordan Catherine - There are worse unisex names to use on a girl, I guess Jordan is well established on the blue team that I don't get awfully annoyed to see it on the pink gender. Catherine is timeless, and could use a comeback.

Locklyn Kyla - Atrocious choices, the worst celebrity name of 2010. Locklyn is a hideous attempt at feminising the male name Lochlan or Lachlan. No sweetie, changing the spelling to include "k"'s and "y"'s doesn't make it more feminine since boys do the same thing. K and Y are gender neutral letters, and aren't legitimate feminine spellings. Get that in your head people!

Chaplin Haddow - Another very odd choice. Chaplin just reminds me of a chapel, and strikes me as a masculine name. Combined with Haddow, and you have a boy!

Aviana Olea - Aviana reminds me of an aviator, but I actually enjoy it. Olea is another interesting choice, and sounds rather pretty. Thumbs up!

Reiley Dilys Stella - And the 2nd worst name of 2010 right here. Reiley is a boys name, first and foremost, and I hate to see parents still giving this masculine name to baby girls. Dilys is just a weird name for me, never liked it. Stella is the only saving grace.

Overall, we've had some interesting choices for 2010. For the boys, we had the obligatory old fashioned names like Christopher, Alexander, Zachary, David, Thomas, Louis, Nicolas, Theodore and Daniel making a presence. We had the ever-so-popular biblical choices like Elijah, Ezra and Izaiah. We had the trendy Easton, Lydon, Rocco, Hudson, Greyson, Bowen, Sawyer, Bodhi, Axel, Cash and Jackson. We had the odd Loic, Egypt, Bear, Sundance, Titus, Daoud, Buddy, Crawford, Draco, Hawn, Imre, Torpey, Rich, Holiday and Gatlyn. And gladly, we had the unisex (aka originally boys only) Riley, Dakota, Tatum, Emerson, Quinn, Ever, Charlie, Dylan, Sawyer, Andrea, Marion and Reese.
For girls, we had the welcome return of classy and elegantly feminine names such as Beatrice, Pearl, Sienna, Marie, Olivia, Gia, Violet, Francesca, Anne, Stella, Ruth, Fiona, Mary, Carina, Jane and Elizabeth. We had a unique names such as Aviana, Thea, Aleena, Junia, Cosima, India, Maleena, and Olea. We had the very odd Krishna, Haddow, Genevie, Dilys, Lexington, Chaplin. The trendy Genevieve, Kloey, Ella, Beatrix. We had also, unfortunately, lots of unisex and even male names used on girls this year: Reiley, Kole, London, Harper, Jordan, Madison, Locklyn, May, Billie, June, Lynne, Ray and Jean. Hopefully 2011 will see less of this on the girls side.

Best names of 2010: Easton Quinn Monroe, Junia Rosa Ruth

Worst names of 2010: Reiley Dilys Stella, Locklyn Kyla

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  1. Hey at least the Oliver's were equal opportunity namers and treated the son the same. All offspring received cutesy pudding pie names. Had Buddy been dubbed a mainstream classic like James (nod to Dad) or Daniel,, I'd have spat tacks.