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2013 List: Mathematical Prediction: Boy Edition

Curious to see how the SSA boy rank might look next year? Well that's what this post is all about. Basically, it is a preview on how the chart could look if the names had the same increase/decrease this year, as they had last year. Obviously this isn't gonna happen exactly, because numbers and trends change every year, but some overall jumps and falls are turn out to be quite accurate.

So how will the boys top 20 for 2013 look if it had the exact same performance as last year? Check it out:

01 LIAM (+5)
02 ETHAN (+1)
03 MASON (-1)
04 NOAH (=)
05 JACOB (-4)

06 WILLIAM (-1)
07 MICHAEL (+1)
08 JAYDEN (-1)
10 AIDEN (=)
11 ELIJAH (+2)
12 MATTHEW (=)
13 JAMES (+1)
14 DANIEL (-3)
15 JACKSON (+7)
17 ANTHONY (-2)
18 JOSEPH (+2)
19 LOGAN (+2)
20 ANDREW (-2)

And the biggest increases would be:

44 JAXON (+22)
45 LEVI (+10)
55 COLTON (+10)
57 DOMINIC (+13)
75 JACE (+11)
86 GAEL (+60)
87 DAMIAN (+10)
91 JAXSON (+15)
93 BRANTLEY (+65)

So there would be a new #1 next year, with Liam finally knocking Jacob off the top - but as with last years prediction of Mason becoming #1, it may not actually happen. The rest of the top10 is pretty static, hopefully there'll be more movement than this.

Beyond the top20, we have several big risers, with Gael and Brantley standing out from the crowd - the latter two were big trenders last year, will they keep the momentum going this year? Who knows.
Jaxson would also join the top 100, making it the third spelling of Jackson to achieve this. Clearly the actual popularity of this name is well masked by the alternative spellings.

Unlike last year with all the new entries cracking the top100, this year seems like it'll be a slow one, with only 3 new names. I do wish the turnover was faster, there are so many dated overused boy names still in the top100, its quite astonishing.

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