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Name In Trend: Brantley

The name Brantley is of old english origin, a variant of Brand and Brant, and it means "sword" or "fiery torch". A famous bearer of this name is country singer Brantley Gilbert, and I suspect the overnight explosion of this name has a lot to do with him.

Here is how the name Brantley has performed on the SSA ranking:

So the name Brantley is basically brand new on the charts, if you exclude the minor blip in 1988. It wasn't until 2010 when it zoomed in at #739 that people noticed it, and then in 2011 it was the fastest climber, making a huge leap to #320. Something tells me this name will have another big leap in 2012, and we will know this soon. It also has that trendy Br- initial that so many popular baby names have these days, and it also seems like an appropriate counterpart to Bentley, another name that has exploded recently.

Similar sounding names are: Brentley, Bentley, Brandon, Brady, Brant, Brody, Brayden, Branley, Brindley, Grantley, Landry.
Alternative spellings include: Brantly, Brantlie, Brantlee, Brantleigh, Brantlea.

Are you on board with this name?

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