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Name In Trend: Easton

The name Easton is of Old English origin, and means "east settlement". Other possible meanings are: "island of stones", "magical power", "noble power".

The name has been getting a lot of buzz lately, mostly due to country singer Easton Corbin, who has given the name a certain appeal to parents that are fans of the genre. Also, actress Jenna Elfman also welcomed a son named Easton Quinn Monroe in 2010, boosting the name's popularity across name blogs. The name can also have a religious connotation, for those parents that associate the name with Easter, and Christ.

So let's see how Easton has performed in the popularity ranking:

The name first charted in 1995 at #921. It is one of the few names I've seen that has climbed every single year since it's debut. With a gradual rise during the 90s and early 2000s, the name has had a very steep increase in the last few years, especially since 2007. In 2010, Easton had it's biggest increase ever, by jumping over 100 places to #145. Possibly a top100 contender for the 2011 chart, and the name is right on trend with other cowboy choices that are gaining momentum.

Alternative spellings are: Eastin, Eastan, Eastyn, Eston, Eeston, Eestyn, Eestin, Eestan.

Similar sounding names are: Eaton, Aston, Elston, Weston, Keaton, Jeston, Leighton.

I personally quite like this name, more than the similar Weston, and it comes with the cute nickname East. I think it has wide appeal, since it's ancient but isn't too popular, it's fresh so it's a great choice for trendy parents, it can appeal to the cowboy crowd, it's also soft sounding with a hard edge - a tough combination to find, and it also could fit in with the religious group of names with it's obvious association to Easter. It's got the full package, so I'm not terribly surprised to see it ascending so quickly. Do you agree?

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