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Name In Trend: Jace

Jace is a male name of english origin that means "the lord is my salvation". It is a diminutive of Jason, but like the name Jack departed from John as it's own name, Jace is heading that way it seems. If I had to pick a name that defined trendy as of right now, Jace would be it. This name, plus all of its spelling variants, are zooming up the charts at the speed of light. It is a Teen Mom baby name, a character name from the book series The Mortal Instrument, and also the name of one the guys on Duck Dynasty (who spells his name Jase).

But enough of me telling you how trendy it is, let me prove it:

Jace first appeared in 1956 at #924, and dropped out 2 years later. It reentered for a permanent stay in 1982 at #850, and has been climbing since. In 2013, it was at its peak position of #66, ascending a massive 20 spots. But the power of Jace goes beyond this spelling, Jase blew up at #89 last year, up from #309 in 2012 - wow! And then you've got Jayce, who is up to #146, and new entry Jayse at #974. As if all these spellings aren't enough, its a common nickname for Jason, and could also be the shortened form of the trendiest 2013 name, Jayceon. It just makes you wonder how many kids answer to Jace these days...

I don't see this name slowing down anytime soon, its got a trendy sound, its short and simple which parents are loving these days, and its a prominent name in several hit shows. If you read my 2014 Mathematical Prediction article before, you might have noticed that both Jace and Jase would be amongst the biggest rank climbers next year if they keep up the pace. And chances are, they probably will.

Alternative spellings of Jace are: Jase, Jayce, Jayse, Jaice, Jaise, Jaece, Jaese.

Similar sounding names include: Mace, Rayce, Kase, Trace, Chase, Blaise, Blaze

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